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Personal injury law is about so much more than financial compensation. It’s an acknowledgement that your life has been unfairly impacted. And it’s about getting you back to the life you know and love as much as possible.

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The lawyers at Pollack Tsimerman have spent their careers representing injured plaintiffs, as well as insurance companies. We’ve been on both sides, so we know what it takes to get you the most optimal results.

We also have the experience necessary to take your case to trial should insurers refuse to fairly compensate your damages. Our fees for personal injury cases are collected on a contingency fee basis. That means that there are no upfront legal fees, and we are only paid if we are successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment for our client.

Accident Benefit Claims
If you’ve been in a car accident, you’re eligible to receive accident benefits, or “no-fault benefits,” regardless of who is responsible. Our team can help advance your accident benefit claim, while helping guide you and your family through the process so you can focus on your recovery.
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ATV Accidents
ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are popular all over Ontario – for both work and recreation. But the injuries from an ATV accident can be serious. If you’ve been injured in an ATV collision, we’re here to help.
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Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Cycling is one of the most popular sports in Canada, and for good reason – it’s a great way to get fit, have fun, or just get around the city! But it’s unfortunately not without risk. Even the safest cyclist might have to deal with an unsafe driver, a distracted pedestrian, or just a lack of bike lanes.
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Boating Accidents
Whether it’s a quiet fishing trip, or a cruise on the lake on a sunny day, there’s nothing like getting out on the open water. But sadly, boating isn’t without its risks. One careless moment or one reckless driver can lead to tragedy. Hundreds of people in Ontario alone are involved in a boating accident each year.
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Brain Injuries
Brain injuries are among the most devastating and life-changing injuries that can be sustained in an accident. They are also difficult for doctors to diagnose, which can add stress and uncertainty to an already challenging situation.
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Car Accidents
For anyone involved in a vehicle accident this can be one of the most traumatic experiences they will ever live through. Unfortunately, far too many people suffer life-changing injuries or even fatal injuries as a result of a vehicle accident, when another person’s reckless or negligent behavior is the cause of the accident.
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Catastrophic Injury Lawyers
People involved in serious accidents can be left with catastrophic, life-changing injuries. This can lead to a decline in the quality of life they were living, or restricting their abilities to function in daily activities. These injuries don’t just impact the victim; they can also have repercussions for the victim’s family. Aside from the pain of witnessing the suffering of a loved one, they might be required to step into a caregiving role. This could put the family under severe financial strain. As the pain and suffering are significantly higher in catastrophic injuries, the victim is entitled to receive much higher compensation compared to those who suffer minor injuries.
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Dog Bites
While many dog bites heal quickly, in some cases the injuries sustained can be so severe that they can lead to permanent disfigurement, or can even require surgery.
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Long Term Disability (LTD)
When an injury results in long term disability, the disability itself is sadly not the only thing to worry about. Such an injury could mean that the sufferer will not be able to return to work for an extended period of time – and in some cases for the rest of their life.
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Motorcycle Accidents
Most motorcyclists are careful, law-abiding drivers who take every precaution and respect the rules of the road. However, even the most cautious motorcycle drivers are susceptible to the mistakes of other drivers on the road, and are much more susceptible to catastrophic injuries especially when drugs, alcohol, or broken traffic laws are involved.
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Pedestrian Accidents
Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable accident victims. This means a disproportionately high number of serious or even fatal injuries can occur in the event of an accident involving a pedestrian.
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Personal Injury Lawyers
Personal injury law is a subset of Ontario’s tort law system (to learn more about tort law, see our definition below). In fact, there are almost as many types of personal injury lawsuits as there are types of personal injury. Each member of the Pollack Tsimerman is an experienced Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer; thanks to our collective experience, we’re more than equipped to help you.
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Product Liability Lawyers
Manufacturers, distributors, designers, or retailers owe you a certain standard of care to ensure that a defective and dangerous product doesn’t end up in your hands, or in your home. Defective or dangerous products are those that don’t meet the reasonable, safe expectation of their users. These products can result in serious personal injury, or even death.
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Slip and Fall Accidents
What happens if you slip and fall and injure yourself on someone else’s property? In many cases, negligence on behalf of the property owner or manager is at the root. If you find yourself in this situation, the slip and fall lawyers at Pollack Tsimerman can help you file and navigate a claim.
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Snowmobile Accidents
Ontarians have always found ways to make the most of the winter and take advantage of our province’s exciting and diverse landscape. And one of the most popular ways to experience our winter wonderland is on a snowmobile. Unfortunately, snowmobiling’s massive popularity in Ontario has led to a significant number of serious, even catastrophic injuries. Approximately 50 snowmobile-related deaths occur each year in Ontario and Quebec, in addition to roughly 1,200 injuries that require hospitalization.
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Spinal Cord Injuries
The impact of a spinal cord injury can be catastrophic. Discovering that you have sustained a spinal cord injury can represent a significant change in your life; physical activities that you enjoyed prior to the accident, or even day to day activities such as your job, may suddenly become impossible. The cost of treatment, the possible complications with your spinal cord injury, and any manifestation of harm to your body can vary based on the severity of the injury, as well as the location of the damage to the spinal cord.
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Tort Claims
If you’ve been involved in a car accident and wish to pursue a claim against the at-fault party for pain and suffering, your injuries must reach a certain threshold.
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Truck Accidents
Being involved in a motor vehicle accident of any kind can be traumatic. But when one or more of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck, tractor trailer, 18-wheeler or semi-trailer truck, the injuries can be catastrophic.
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Wrongful Death Claims
When you’ve experienced the tragic loss of a family member, nothing can replace the life of a loved one. The wrongful death lawyers at Pollack Tsimerman Personal Injury Lawyers understand that; we can, however, help your family to honour their memory and allow the healing to begin through the pursuit of rightful compensation.
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We believe the entire litigation process should be transparent

That means you, our client, should know exactly what you are paying in legal fees when you retain our firm to act on your behalf.

Since the majority of personal injury matters can take a few years to resolve, most clients do not want to pay their lawyer “by the hour,” and most clients choose not to provide an upfront retainer fee for our services. To accommodate the preference of most personal injury clients, we offer our legal fees on a contingency fee basis. This means that you only pay our fees if we are successful in achieving a settlement for you.

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Candito v Nmezi, 2016 ONCA 293
Successfully defended coverage issue at the Ontario Court of Appeal
Fennell v Deol, 2016 ONCA 249
Successfully defended Crossclaim against third party; discoverability applies to claims for contribution and indemnity
Rososhansky v Williams, 2018 ONSC 1964
Successfully obtained an Order for costs at pre-trial where Defendant took the position that there was “zero chance” of financial liability at trial because the plaintiff does not meet threshold.
Valentine v Rodriguez-Elizalde, 2016 ONSC 6395
Awarded $172,000 in costs following successful trial decision

What we do


Philip Pollack, founding partner at Pollack Tsimerman LLP, says after establishing the premiere client contact people — the lawyers — and hiring personable, confident and intelligent law clerks and administrative assistants for support, you have to ensure the firm is run “in an advanced, high-tech operation model such that you don’t need the old-school way of writing letters and waiting on regular mail to get things done for the client.”
With winter among us, we are reminded to be extra careful when travelling on our own and with loved ones. As the snow falls and temperatures drop, roads and sidewalks begin to form puddles of water which eventually become ice.
Once you have commenced legal proceedings and a Statement of Claim has been issued, there will come a point in time that you will be asked to attend your Examination for Discovery.
Nowadays, using social media is a common part of everyday life. We post our dinners on Instagram, family photos on Facebook, and entire job history on Linkedin without thinking twice. Unfortunately, when it comes to personal injury litigation, this may mean your social media profiles become key pieces of evidence. A winning judgement from Philip Pollack, Partner at Pollack Tsimerman, sheds light on this increasingly relevant issue in our modern life.
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